Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Ok, so two posts in one day that may be a record for me. But then again, I just downloaded about 300 pictures on the computer! Anyway, today we took the kids to the beach. It was a little chilly, but we loved being in the sun! The kids had a blast. Ryan loves to play on any playground and Madison had a great time playing in the sand. (She really needs to start walking, it would be so much easier!!!) She loved the swings too!! Ryan brought his kite and once we got it up in the sky, he flew it for about 2 minutes and was done! So I got to fly his kite for awhile! I guess it didn't interest him as much as we thought it would.

After being outside for most of the day, Madison was sleeping by 8:15 and Ryan was out by 8:30! Gotta love the sunny days when we can get outside and run the kids tired!!! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!!

Hillbilly Rockstar!!!!

Wednesday night was my once a year expensive night out! Mike took Me and Theresa to see Kenny Chesney in concert! It was AWESOME! Thanks again to my mom, who we can always count to watch the kids for us! And this time, she came to our house, which was so nice!!! Thanks again Mom! You are the BEST!! Ok back to Kenny, I can never get enough of Kenny, and it seems I try to go every year! I will recap the last few years I saw him in concert!! In 2004, I won tickets to see Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and Dierks Bentley! With the tickets I also got to go backstage and meet Dierks Bentley. I took Theresa with me. We had a great time and great seats! Thanks WMUS!! In 2005, Mike wouldn't let me go to the concert because I was pregnant with Ryan. I was due a week after he came to town, he thought it was too close and didn't think it was a good idea. So I missed out that year! Then in 2006, we got tickets to go again! Well this time it was Jenny, Theresa, My brother Mike, his wife Meredith, and my husband Mike. We decided to go to the B.O.B before the show for some drinks. Well they were having a drawing for tickets, not just regular tickets, SAND BAR tickets...this was closer than front row, it was right next to the stage, standing only. Well, guess who won them? No, not me, but my husband Mike. (BTW~ he doesn't really like country music and still goes to the concerts with me! It's so nice) So we got the great sand bar tickets. I had great views of Kenny's butt and could have touched it a couple of times, but really didn't want to get kicked out! I got some great pictures, and he signed my hat!! WAHOOOO.......We had a great time! Ok, 2007, was pregnant again....didn't make it to the show! So this year Mike promised me I could go! We had a great time and I can't wait to see him again next year!! (if I am not pregnant again! are you catching a pattern here??) Seriously, I am pretty sure we are done having kids!!! Thanks Mike for taking us and putting up with all of our Kenny stalking after the concert!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lovin' the warm weather!!

We are getting so excited the weather is shaping up and it's almost summer! Ryan loves to play outside. If he had his way he would never come inside. Yesterday, my nephew Austin came over to play with Ryan. They raced their Lightening McQueen cars around the yard! It was so cute!

After racing around, they decided to play in the sandbox. Madison loved it! She had someone to play with. You have to understand, that I love having a little girl! I love shopping for her and dressing her in all the cute dresses with the matching shoes, sweaters, purses and hair bows! (Thanks Annie for all the hair bows you have made, we love them!) Well, get Madison around the boys and it's trucks and cars! That's all she wants to play with! She has every "girly" toy you can imagine, yet she chooses to play with her brother's cars, trucks, and even the tool bench! So, yesterday when she was in the sandbox she immediately went to where the boys were and had to join in playing with the trucks! I guess, I better keep dressing her the way I want now, because I have a feeling she is going to have none of it once she gets older...but I can try...right?!? Here a couple pictures of her playing with the boys and "their" toys!!

Here are two of my favorite pictures from yesterday! The first one is of Ryan and Madison. Ryan loves to give Madison rides in his car. I put her in the car and she immediately put her arm around him and away they went! I had to run to get my camera so I could get a picture! I love pictures when they are taken from the back! I just love it! The last picture is of Ryan and Austin! They are the best of friends! I am so glad My brother and I have our boys so close together! (exactly 2 months apart!) They have always been the best of friends, and I foresee them being real close for years to come!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Look out we come!!!!

First off, I would like to say "Happy Mother's Day" to all the mom's who read this! I hope everyone had a great day! We decided to have our Mom's over for a cookout this year. Mike's parents live in Kalamazoo, and mine live in Ludington. So when it comes to the holidays (any holiday) it's very tough! We usually do dinner with Mike's family on Friday night and dinner with my family on Saturday afternoon. That way we can have a day for us on Sunday! By the time Sunday rolls around we are all tired! That is why we decided to try something new, and it worked out pretty good.

The top picture (not the very top) is a picture of my mom and the kids. The second picture is Mike's mom and the kids. Just a side note, Ryan is pretty dirty, he had a long hard day outside! The kids really enjoyed spending time with Grammie and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa! Ryan had lots of new things to show off!

We didn't do much on Sunday. Mike and kids took me to lunch and of course shopping! We were planning on going to the zoo today, but we had to change plans because fo the weather! We do have the rest of the summer to hit the zoo, so it wasn't that big of a disappointment! All in all, I had a great weekend spending time with my family and can't wait for the rest of summer!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adding pictures??? Did it work???

This is my first attempt on putting pictures in a post, I guess I will see if it turns out or not. I am not sure if these pictures are going to be HUGE or you are going to need a magnifying glass to see them...I guess we will see. Anyway, this is Ryan's 3 year picture and Madison's 9 month picture! Ryan did great, usually he is a little stinker! Madison did so so. She was coming down with a cold (later to find out a double ear infection), and we really had to do some wild things to get her to smile. This is usually not the case, she is one smiley baby! In all her pictures I can see she is not feeling well in her eyes! Poor baby!! Well, we have a busy day today so I better get going! I hope this works, Thanks Jennie for getting me hooked!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Starting a Blog???

Ok, here is my first shot at starting a blog! I guess we will see how often I can actually post her, and post pictures! I am the worst about taking pictures and leaving them on my camera for weeks, and then finally downloading them, usually about 300 of them! I know it's awful!! I really enjoy reading other people's blogs, so I thought I would give a shot at it. Like I said, we will see!! First I have to see if I can figure all this out!!! Wish me LUCK!! I know I will need it!!