Monday, April 27, 2009

Way Behind I have been informed I am way behind on this blog! I know this! However, things are busy. With the weather getting nicer we are outside more burning off energy! So I don't spend too much time inside. Let's see what I have missed:

#1 Ryan's 4th Birthday...(cancel the mother of the year award banquet, it ain't happenin' this year)

It's not that I forgot his birthday, just didn't post anything. (expect for preschool) We did celebrate for like 5 days. Ryan thought his birthday was the entire week. We let him think that, he is 4, no biggie! We had a birthday party for him with family. He got many great gifts and had a great time. He really enjoyed everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him. Last year he was a bit shy, but this year was totally different. I think he really wanted everyone to sing it again to him. What a difference a year makes!

Ryan got this cool, pirate dress up kit! He was so excited because the brand name was "Ryan's Room"!

His birthday party was on the Sunday before his Birthday. We made sure to make his actual birthday very special too! It started with donuts for breakfast, with candles! May not seem like a big deal, but the kids do not have donuts for breakfast very often. Probably way Ryan requested it! He had to have candles in his donuts and Madison and I had to sing Happy Birthday to him! Yeah, he was KING for the day. Everything he wanted he got!!

After breakfast it was off to Crazy Bounce with the fab five and ALL the kids! Between all of us, we have 15 kids! WHEW.....The kids had a great time at Crazy Bounce! It was a lot of fun! I think even us adults had fun! I don't think us girls said more than 5 words to each other because we were too busy chasing our kids.....and that's the reason why we go out to dinner once a month, just us girls!! After Crazy Bounce we stopped at McDonald's for lunch. I let Ryan think that we were going there because it was want he wanted, but it was actually all in the plan. That kid loves McDonald's. Honestly I think he likes it because he gets a toy. But for some reason most of the time we go there, they are out of toys. (wink wink) By this time, I think we were all exhausted and ready for naps!

The Birthday Boy and The Birthday Girl!!

Ryan on the giant slide!

Sweet Little Teagan, such a doll

Honestly, it was all about food for these 2!

Mya, relaxing after a crazy morning!!

NOTE: Madison is not seen in many of the pictures because she wasn't feeling well. Come to find out she had a really bad ear infection! Poor Girl. Another reason the mother of the year award banquet was cancelled!!

Next, Ryan got to pick where he wanted to eat dinner. First he wanted McDonald's. (I reminded him we already ate there for lunch) Then he said Burger King, I told him it was closed! So, then he said he wanted to eat somewhere with peanuts and rolls. This narrowed it down to 2 places, Logan' s and Texas Roadhouse. Thank goodness he choose Texas Roadhouse! (Mike and I don't care for Logan's) He had his birthday dinner and then they brought out the saddle and sang Happy Birthday to him again!! He loved it!!

I still can't believe my baby boy is 4. Seems just like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. Time really does fly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN MICHAEL! I LOVE YOU!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ryan and Ashley's Birthday at Preschool

I know I am behind! Trying to catch up before I get way behind and forget everything! On Thursday Ryan celebrated his pretend birthday at school along with his friend Ashley! They both looked really cute sitting together on the chair as everyone sang Happy Birthday to them! Ryan was a little unsure about doing this, but as long as Ashley was going to be sitting next to him, he was fine with it! They both passed out their treats and each got to pick a present from the treasure box. Ryan picked Play Doh and Ashley picked Silly Putty! Kristin anytime you want to trade, just let me know!! =)

Happy 4th Birthday Ryan and Ashley! 4 looks good on both of you!!

Great Wolf Lodge

I guess you could say we were getting a little cabin fever and wanted to go somewhere warm! We tried Florida, it was warm for a couple days and then it was cold! Mike felt really bad the kids could not go swimming when we were in Florida! So when he got information from work about Great Wolf Lodge having a special, he decided to take us there for a couple of days! I was game, just as long as we got to go to the Outback for dinner one night and that we got to go shopping! I was a little hesitant because I know how Ryan has a fear of water. I knew Madison would be fine, because she is young enough and doesn't really "have fears". Well both kids loved the water park! Ryan went down every water slide and loved playing on the Lilly pads. Madison even went down the big water slides and loved it. I was scared to death, because she had to go by herself, but she did just fine! She kept wanting to go down it again! We had so much fun! They didn't want to stop swimming and Madison even cried when we had to take a break for a nap!

Madison loved the slides!

Ryan pulling the string and getting wet!

By the end of our stay Ryan was walking across all the lily pads! We spend a lot of time in this part of the water park!

He was having so much fun!

Not only does this place have swimming, they have crafts they kids can do, they have a little play area, an arcade, and each night they have story time in the lobby. It was great! On the last night we were there, Mike had Wiley the Wolf bring the kids up cookies and milk for their bedtime snack. The kids were really surprised to open the door and see this big wolf standing on the other side. YUMMY!!

Eating breakfast!

Madison and Wiley!

As the wolf was knocking on the door, Madison was saying what's that sound?

Daddy and Ryan looking to see who is at the door!

It was a Wolf! Bringing us cookies!!

Madison, Ryan, and Wiley! Madison had to have shoes on because she cut her foot and if she saw the bandaid she would tear it off!

The kids really enjoyed the cookies and milk!

Time to update

I have not had a chance to update what we have been doing lately! Everything seems to pick up and get really busy as summer approaches!! I am very excited for spring/summer so the kids can get outside. We loved those couple of days with great weather! It's hard for a 4 year old and a 1 year old to understand that now it's back to crappy weather and we really shouldn't go outside when it's this cold!! With that being said we found a great place in Holland. It's called Deanna's Playhouse. It is just awesome! We meet my cousin Annie and her two kids, Emma and Luke! Ryan and Emma had a great time playing together! There is so much to do here. They have an art room, (the kids made Easter Eggs), a music room with every kind of instrument, a stage where the kids can dress up and then get on stage and perform, a huge submarine in the middle of the room, a bank, a grocery store (Meijer), a playhouse, and many ride on toys the kids could race around the room. It truly is a great place. What I really liked was they also had a little cafe. You can bring your lunch with you or you can leave and eat lunch and then come back! How great!! We had so much fun and cannot wait to go back!

Meijer....Ryan loved shopping!

Madison Playing in the house! She found lots of babies, which made her very happy!

Madison and Ryan in the submarine

Emma playing dress up!

Luke playing with a ball! I was so surprised they had so much for him to do there!

Emma giving Madison a push around the room!

Ryan and Emma decorating their eggs!