Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

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I was driving Ryan to school on Tuesday when I noticed on Barry's Greenhouse sign that they had GREEN Carnations. Ryan's favorite color is green, so I thought I would stop and pick up a few flowers for him and Madison. So before we picked him up from School Madison and I stopped and got 4 carnations, 2 for each kid. When Ryan got in the van after school he was so excited. I don't know if he was more excited for the flowers or for the fact that they were green!! He knew exactly what to do with them when he got home...he got out a vase and told me to put water in it. Next he put the flowers in there and told Madison she could not touch them! He checks on his flowers throughout the day to see if they need water and to make sure they are ok!! What a great kid!!

What a warm day!

Tuesday was a very nice day around here. The kids were outside most of the day, inside only for naps, and then back outside! It's amazing how much Madison can do this year. She is climbing the ladder to get up the slide and she is climbing on everything she can climb on! She loves playing baseball with Ryan. Only one incident of Ryan hitting her with the baseball bat. Needless to say no more playing baseball when she is near! Ryan also loves it outside. He is so hard to get inside when it's time. It's just too bad that the weather only lasted 2 days. I told Mike he had to tell the kids that they can't go outside now because it's too cold!

I think it's time we get Madison her own car. We really had to squeeze her in there!! She didn't care, she loved it!!

Madison very excited she made it down the slide!!

The kids played together so well that day! I just can't wait for warmer weather to stick around. This is just what we needed, the chance to get outside and have FUN!!

Ryan and Madison gearing up!!

Next week we will be heading to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days! Mike felt really bad that the kids could not swim when we were at Disney World because it was so cold, that he decided he wanted to take them to Great Wolf Lodge. Ryan is still a little unsure of the water, and hates getting water in his eyes. Mike thought buying him a mask would help out a lot. He decided to try it on for us when we got home from Toys R Us. I was taking a picture of Ryan when I noticed Madison was standing in the background posing too! It was the cutest thing ever! I am not sure if the mask will make a difference or if Ryan will spend his entire time in the arcade!

Friday, March 6, 2009

26 days Straight....

That's how many days Mike has worked! 26 DAYS! Some of these days have been 10 and 12 hour days too. PLUS..he is taking a class from Baker once a week, PLUS...he makes time for his family, PLUS he makes dinner for the kids when I am not home, PLUS He has not complained one time. NOTHING! He truly is the best person in the world! He gives us whatever we want and puts our (me and kids) wants before his own! I never want for anything, neither do my kids! Sometimes I must justify my wants, but I usually get what I want! I could go on and on about him but I will leave at this....Mike is my best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me! He has given me two beautiful (very active) children and a great life! Thanks Mike, you are the best and WE LOVE YOU!!!!