Friday, June 19, 2009

The kids and the Zoo!

A few weeks ago, we decided to take the kids to the Zoo. Every year we try to go to the Zoo on Mother's Day. It's just something I love to do and the kids love it too! We get to John Ball Zoo, only to be turned away because they had a gas leak! They were evacuating the zoo and told us they should reopen in a few hours. We decided it would be the excellent time to feed our animals, since it was real close to Lunch time! It worked out perfectly. Ryan picked Applebees for lunch and then it was back to the zoo. By the time we got back, the zoo was open! The kids had a great time. They especially loved the petting zoo. We had to visit it twice. Ryan now thinks he can have goats, cows, and chickens in our backyard!! We headed to Holland from there so I could go shopping and the kids could feed the ducks. (That's the only way I get any shopping done, I have to promise them they can feed the ducks!
Madison feeding the birds! We couldn't get her out of the cage!
Ryan got his bird to get right on the stick! How cool!

If we could have fit this goat in the stroller, Ryan probably would have taken it home!

They had a blast!

On our way home, my brother called and asked if we wanted to go miniature golfing and go-karting. This was Madison's first time on a go-kart, and she LOVED it. She wanted to go again, and threw a fit when we walked away. Golfing 18 holes with 2 four year olds and a 1 year old was not so pleasant! Madison made it 3 maybe 4 holes. She would just go and drop her ball in the hole and clap and say "I did it!" Ryan would just put his ball close to the hole and try to putt it in!! That would take about 5 or 6 putts, so I can't imagine how long it would take him if he started where he was suppose to!

This is a favorite...look at her smile!

Mike trying to teach Ryan how to play!

She got a hole in one every time!! Look out Tiger Wood

The kids had a great time and the best part, they were exhausted and in bed early that night!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am still here

I am trying to think of why I haven't been on blogger lately...sure we have been busy, but I just have not sat down and actually took the time to blog about what has been going on in our household! Ryan has been done with school for about 3 weeks, so that means no more running 2 days a week! We still have a play group in Whitehall at different playgrounds on Tuesday mornings, but the last 2 Tuesday mornings, the weather has been terrible! The kids really enjoy going to the playground, I love it because we come home and they are exhausted! Let's hope the weather will make a turn and it will be nice next Tuesday so we can continue on with our play group!

Mike finished his class last night! Such a relief for him! He starts another class in 2 weeks. He really wants to keep going on finishing his degree. You never know what can happen in this economy, and since his work pays for his school, he might just as well take advantage of it! It is a little different going to school when you have little ones at home and work 40+ hours a week. It makes the process draw out, but he will get there one day, I know he will! I will be the first one standing there to congratulate him!!

Ryan has been enjoying being able to play outside. His new love this summer is playing baseball! A boy after my own heart! We are constantly outside pitching balls to him. He is getting really good! Also, this year, Ryan and Mike planted a blueberry bush, strawberries, and a couple tomato plants (for Madison). We have gotten strawberries already, which makes Ryan very happy. He checks his plants and waters them everyday. He also planted some Sun Flowers...they are popping up and I can't wait to see them full grown!!

Madison, oh Madison! This girl is full of complete attitude! Wow! She sure does give us a run for our money! I wouldn't have it any other way! She is a chatterbox...talking in full sentences and has a lot to say! We went to the store the other day and on the way in, she said "Hey Mama. I am cold! I am freezing! I am frozen, I need my sweatshirt on!" I couldn't believe it..I was thinking, do you even know what you are saying?? hahahaha...she picks up everything she hears from Big Brother Ryan and the rest of the world around her!! We have been potty training for about the last month. She is doing really good! Hopefully we can get her trained by the end of summer! Not holding my breath, but we shall see!

As for me, I am just rolling with the motions! It's summer time! We are really busy in the summer, with everything going on! However, we do just love to sit back and relax and do nothing at all!
I have been planning Madison's birthday party which is in July! I decided to make the invites this that took awhile! Don't get too excited, it's not much, but I thought it was a cute idea! I am still working on Mike to let me have ponies in the backyard for her birthday doesn't look too promising though! She only turns 2 once, right?!?

Well, that is US in a nutshell. Nothing real exciting. I promise to get on the ball and get some new pictures of the kids on here!! Hope everyone has a great summer!! Enjoy it now, because before you know it, it will be over!!