Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ryan's first day of Preschool

oh yes, I am behind! Very far behind! Will I ever catch up, probably not, so we will just start with Ryan's first day of preschool and go from there! Ryan was very excited to start school. He was very excited that Mrs. Simon was going to be his teacher again! I thought this is too easy! He is doing great! We are going to do great! I even told Mike, you don't have to take the day off, he is going to be fine. Well, Mike took the day off anyways, and thank goodness he did! Ryan cried, I cried, and it was awful! I guess I better just get use to it! I did get a call from his teacher and said the crying did not last at all! He was fine and having a great time. He really does love going to school, we just have to get over the initial part of dropping him off! Last week was worse than the first week, and this week has been better than last week. (if that makes sense) So, I guess it's just baby steps and bribery! Call me crazy, but if it makes it easier on me, I will do anything that little boy wants!! This weeks bribe....Going to the movies! Whatever works!! Anyway, I am so proud of my little boy. He is growing up so fast and I cannot believe it! Where does the time go~ Love you Ryan, you make me so PROUD!!
*Anyone else having a problem with moving pictures around? I uploaded these and could not move sorry..I like to put the pictures at the bottom of the post not at the top! Crazy blogger! Or maybe I am the crazy one! *