Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where did October go????

I just realized that I have missed the whole month of October. Not that there was nothing going on, I just haven't had the ambition to sit down and blog. October was a lot like a roller coaster ride. We had lots ups and lots of downs! Geez...the ups were great! We had lots of family time! Pumpkin roll, Lewis Farms (twice), birthdays, a brand new baby being born into the family, and of course Halloween! On the other hand, it was a very emotional month, my uncle having open heart surgery, having to put our beloved dog Tucker to sleep, the threat of illness lurking around every corner, (thankfully we have not been hit), Ryan deciding that he does not want to go to preschool and now cries when I drop him off, and others trying to interfere on how we should be raising our kids! It's been a rough ride, but it's now November and the rest of the year is going to be great! We are going to stay healthy, Ryan is going to get over this hurdle of suddenly being so attached to me, and we are going to continue to do what is best for "OUR" family!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ryan's first day of Preschool

oh yes, I am behind! Very far behind! Will I ever catch up, probably not, so we will just start with Ryan's first day of preschool and go from there! Ryan was very excited to start school. He was very excited that Mrs. Simon was going to be his teacher again! I thought this is too easy! He is doing great! We are going to do great! I even told Mike, you don't have to take the day off, he is going to be fine. Well, Mike took the day off anyways, and thank goodness he did! Ryan cried, I cried, and it was awful! I guess I better just get use to it! I did get a call from his teacher and said the crying did not last at all! He was fine and having a great time. He really does love going to school, we just have to get over the initial part of dropping him off! Last week was worse than the first week, and this week has been better than last week. (if that makes sense) So, I guess it's just baby steps and bribery! Call me crazy, but if it makes it easier on me, I will do anything that little boy wants!! This weeks bribe....Going to the movies! Whatever works!! Anyway, I am so proud of my little boy. He is growing up so fast and I cannot believe it! Where does the time go~ Love you Ryan, you make me so PROUD!!
*Anyone else having a problem with moving pictures around? I uploaded these and could not move sorry..I like to put the pictures at the bottom of the post not at the top! Crazy blogger! Or maybe I am the crazy one! *

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mission: Accomplished

We have finally made it! Madison is potty trained. It has been over 3 weeks with no accidents and best of all, she tells us when she has to go! I am so very proud of her! I cannot believe how different it was training a girl over a boy. Ryan was exactly 3 years old when he was fully trained. Madison 2 years old! In Ryan's defense, I had just had Madison when we started training him, he was just over 2, and a new baby and all the hype that comes with the new baby, may have set him back. But he made it! Either way, both of them make me so proud! They are both my babies and I can't wait to watch them accomplish everything life has in store for them! Way to go Madison! You are such a big girl!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Madison's Birthday Party!

I think all Madison's birthday celebrations have finally came to an end. We ended the celebration on Saturday with her birthday party! She had a great turn out and got lots of great gifts! Her big surprise from Mom and Dad was a horse. No, not to keep, but to have at the party to ride. She was so excited to see the horse. She just loved her. The horses' name was Jasmine, and Madison reminded everyone what her name was. She still talks about how Jasmine came to her party. Madison loved to pet the horse and even Aunt Hilary showed her how she could feed her apples. She loved doing this. She sat on Jasmine, but as soon as Jasmine started to walk, she freaked. She cried and wanted down. She did not like the fact that she moved I guess. All the other kids LOVED riding the horse. It was so great to see so many kids enjoy my opinion...Money well spent!!

She really loved this horse, but just didn't want to ride her!

One of my favorite pictures!

Another Favorite!!
Madison got a lot of great gifts! She is very spoiled. A big thank you to everyone for the great and very generous gifts! I guess even the drum my dad (Papa) got her! Don't worry Papa, she will bring it to your house every time she comes. I wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun! She had a very exciting day and I am so glad everything is done. I still can't believe she is two!

All Madison's friends riding Jasmine!!

Yup, even Uncle Mike had to take his turn!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Madison!

I can't believe it! I can't believe my baby girl is 2. Just doesn't seem possible. They grow up so fast! I really wish life had a pause button, just so time would go by just a little slower!
Madison has been celebrating her birthday all month. She loves it when anyone will sing Happy Birthday to her! She will keep asking me to sing it to her over and over! This past weekend was no exception! On Saturday, it was her chose to go to Red Robin. Both her and Ryan love that place. She had her choice of guests too. She had to have Grammie, Papa, Uncle Jay Jay, Austi, and of course Mommy, Daddy, and Ryan! She couldn't wait for "all the people" (that's what she would say) to sing happy birthday to her and clap for her! She really enjoyed every minute of it! My mom brought her a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and she got a sundae from Red Robin! She is just like her dad when it comes to dessert, she LOVES it!!
Papa and Madison

Grammie and Madison.

Enjoying her OWN Sundae!
Sunday was her actual birthday. Mike had to work. We were up at our usual time, a little before 7. Madison had donuts with candles and chocolate milk for breakfast. Yes, we had to sing happy birthday to her again. Actually I think we had to do it twice!
Her breakfast, her request...the simple things in life!
Since Mike was working, we were going to meet my cousin Annie and her two kids, Emma and Luke at the beach! We packed a lunch and headed to the beach around 11. It was a great time. Ryan really loved playing with Emma! Madison had a great time, she loves the beach and loves to go swimming. After a couple hours we headed home for naps.
Ryan, Emma, and Madison playing at the beach!
Madison and Luke. The water was pretty cold, but that did not stop them from using their swim rings!
As we headed home, Mike called and said he was on his way home too! We got home, put Madison down for a nap. We decided that she would open her presents after her nap! If we did it before, she probably wouldn't nap, so it had to be after. She woke up and was very GRUMPY! It took about 15 minutes to get her in a semi good mood. We told her she had a present outside in the backyard. She started to head outside to find.....

Her Jeep! She loved it. She does pretty well with it! She likes to have Ryan help her, well sometimes. After riding around the yard a few times, we had her open the rest of her presents!

There she goes!

After opening her presents, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese! Her choice again! It wasn't to busy and the kids had a great time. Uncle Jay Jay and Austin met us there! And YES, Chuck E. Cheese now serves beer, so going there in the future won't be so bad!!

Madison had a great a day and was exhausted by the end of the day! So was I!!! Her birthday party is this Saturday, which promises to bring LOTS of fun!! We are so excited!! Happy Birthday Miss Madison! We love you!!