Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long Time Gone.....'s been awhile! I have not had a chance to do much blogging in the last week! It's been one thing right after another, and the next 4 weeks are the same way! Too much stuff to do and not enough time! Let's rewind to Father's Day weekend! We had a great weekend! Had a cookout for our Dads on Saturday afternoon and then Mike had his day on Sunday! Ryan picked out Carnival Games for the Wii for Mike for Father's Day. Hmmm.....was it for Dad or was it for Ryan! To my surprise they both love it! I enjoy playing it too! However, it's pretty sad when a 3 year old can beat me at these games...I just have to practice more when he is sleeping! Happy Father's Day Mike! Thanks for giving me 2 great healthy kids!! Love ya!

I am busting my butt to get things together for Madison's b-day party, which is in 3 weeks! I cannot believe she is going to be 1! I can't believe how much planning and preparing needs to be done for a child's birthday day party! But it is her first and a very important one! Speak of the devil, I hear her waking up from her nap...I think it's a new record she slept for about 45 minutes! Anyone have tips on how to get her to take a longer afternoon nap, I am so open to suggestions!!
Here are a two random pictures:
Madison going in for the full open, full tongue kiss! She really loves her dog, Tucker!
Ryan playing with his ESPN Better Batter Baseball! He LOVES this little machine!

Friday, June 6, 2008


The weekend is finally here! I am so glad. However, I don't think the weather is going to be that looks like rain all weekend!! I guess that means we will have to do indoor activities, Like SHOPPING!! Did I mention that Bath and Body Works is having their BIG SALE now! It's time to stock up ladies! I love that place...but I will admit I have I sometimes wonder when I am ever going to use all the lotion I have now. But hey it was on sale, it was a great deal, and I couldn't pass it up!! I do have to shope there either without kids, or when Mike is with to me take the kids, because I just cannot get around that store with a stroller, especially the double stroller. I have only knocked over one display thingy, but in my defensive it was my first time out, by myself, with a double stoller! And that display shouldn't have been there anyway!!!

Well, I am gong to be lazy today and go through some older pictures of the kids and post them. On one of my cameras I have over 500 pictures, yeah 500, the other one only has about 150, but it will still take awhile to upload them!
Here are two of my favorite pictures of the kids.
The first one is of Ryan is 6 months old, he loved taking a shower when he was a baby! I just love the water dripping in his face and his big smile...just so cute! I really miss those baby days!

The next picture is of Madison is about 8 months old. Like her brother she loves the shower too! I knew I had these two pictures of the kids, similar pictures and about the same age. What do you they look alike. I can see a little similarities in the two, but to me they look totally different!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Alright, I know I am not the only one, but we have been so excited for summer to get here! Well, I just can't believe it is already the 3rd day of June. As I look ahead, I just know this summer is going to fly by again! Our Calendar is already pretty busy until the end of July! Every weekend there is something going on! It's just crazy! It seems the summer months just fly by. We have some much we want to do and it seems we are already running out of time! Luckily, we didn't have any graduation parties this year and so far no weddings! WHEW!!
The only major event we have is Madison's 1st Birthday party! I have been planning for a couple weeks. The first birthday is such a special day. I think it took us about 2 months to plan Ryan's party, just to make sure everything is just so. Mike and I were talking about how special the 1st year of life is. You take a little baby who you bring home from the hospital and is totally dependent on you! You do everything for this little one! As the month's go by, your little one starts to grow......It's just amazing. Madison has went from being a precious bundle of joy to a little toddler who is starting to communicate and taking her first steps! It just amazes me! I just look at her and my heart melts! I know I am blessed to have two healthy and very active kids! I enjoy every minute of them! I love watching them grow, but hate how fast it goes by. Just shows us how we need to enjoy everything in the now!!! I hope everyone has a great summer!!!