Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Ryan

My baby is 5! I can't believe it! It seems like the last 5 years have flown by! I still can't believe he is 5! I do know that I have really enjoyed the last 5 years and I am very proud of the little boy he has become! He is absolutely amazing!

Ryan had many ideas on what he wanted his theme to be for his birthday. We had Transformers, Batman, and Monster Trucks. In the end, he decided on Batman, no wait I think it was Monster Trucks. the last minute he wanted Monster Trucks, wait no, he changed again to Batman! Yikes...I really think he wanted both and couldn't decide. We found a Batman Monster Truck....Perfect! 2 in 1! His cake was both! Perfect, he thought it was really cool!! Nothing makes me more happy than seeing Ryan so happy!

Madison picked out a giraffe for Ryan. I think Ryan pointed it out everytime we were at Toys R Us.
*I am giving on up on arranging photos on this blogger. Anyone have suggestions. When I add the photos, they all end up at the top, and I cannot move them. I had more to add and more to say but just am frustrated on how to move the a girl out!!!


Mya said...

Mandy I had no idea you could move the pictures. I have always uploaded them backwards. Last first and so on. I always thought it was a pain in the rear but managed to get through it. On another note - it's amazing how fast time goes bye when you have little ones. That is why we have to enjoy every moment of their little lives. Because before we know it they will be getting married and having children of their own. You have 2 beautiful little kids. Hold them tightly and don't let this stage of their life get by ya too fast.

Lea said...

I'm right there with you girl...cannot believe my baby turned 5 either!! It's definitely amazing at how fast time zips by these days. Sounds like Lukas was just as indecisive as Ryan ha ha.
As far as blogger - why do you think I haven't been posting much?? ha ha

Anonymous said...

i'm stalking you!!
and you you do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions.